€40 - €60

Give someone a special surprise with beautiful fresh flowers. We offer a wide range of bouquets and arrangements from 40 to 60 euros, perfect for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

Gorgeous Bouquets for Every Occasion: Flowers Between 40-60 Euros

Everyone loves a good deal and flower arrangements are no exception. From birthdays to anniversaries, flowers can say a lot and help create a special moment. However, when it comes to selecting the right flowers, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank. Fortunately, there are many beautiful floral arrangements that can be found in our collection, BloomMagic have a wide range selection of €40 - €60 flower arrangements.

To start, one of the most popular floral arrangements in this price range is a classic bouquet of fresh tulip. This is a timeless and elegant gift that never fails to make a good impression. This is a great choice for anyone who loves a classic look.

A second option for someone looking for a unique and eye-catching gift is a flower arrangement with a mix of different types of flowers. This can be a great way to show someone that you put thought into their gift. A flower arrangement in this price range typically contains a variety of different types of flowers, such as alstroemeria, hydrangeas, freesia, carnation, chrysanthemum, and gerbera. This type of arrangement can be found in almost any color and is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

You can also opt for a timeless and elegant lilies. This bloom is a perfect gift for your special someone even without any occasion. And who wouldn't want a bright and cheerful sunflower? It will surely bring smile to your partner's beautiful face.

Finally, another great option within this price range is to have a flower arrangement professionally designed. This is a great way to show someone that you really care. A professionally designed flower arrangement typically contains a mix of different types of flowers and is perfect for someone who loves a unique gift.

BloomMagic also offers sale on selected flower arrangement, it can be a great way to get the arrangement you want, while also getting a great deal. Whether you are buying a flower arrangement for a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, or just because, a sale on a flower arrangement can make the occasion even more special. By taking advantage of seasonal sales, you can get the perfect flower arrangement for a special occasion, at a very reasonable price without downgrading the quality of your flower arrangement. Also, some of our flower arrangement in this collection has a special treat of sweet and delicious chocoloates that will surely be another reason to make your loved ones feel appreciated and special.

If you're looking for a gift that's sure to please, then look no further than our beautiful flower arrangements. Whether you'd like to send a classic bouquet of tulip or something more unique, we have many options available in the price range of 40 to 60 euros. Flowers are a great way to show someone that you care, and they can create a special moment in any occasion.Get your gorgeous bouquet of flowers for a fraction of price.