Beat the January Blues

Feeling a bit down after all the Christmas and New Year’s hoopla? Don’t worry, you are not alone in feeling a little deflated, in fact the 3rd Monday of January has been christened ‘Blue Monday’ after its reputation for being the most depressing day of the year! While it may no longer be socially acceptable to wander around the house with a chunk of fancy cheese and a glass of wine anymore there are still ways to find joy in the winter months

Here are our top three tips to beat those January blues and bring brightness to the start of the new year

  1. Make a fun (and achievable) resolutions

While your Instagram and Facebook feed is probably packed with people pledging to hit the gym 4 days a week and snack only on kale sticks there are so many more enjoyable things you can resolve to do this year. Try reading a poem aloud each day. Get your hands on a poem a day book or just use the wonderful wide internet to find a new poem each day to read out loud and proud. Reading aloud can sharpen focus, increase confidence and improve your vocabulary. You don’t need to read the poem to anyone else but yourself and we think you will agree that the few minutes it takes to enjoy the poem is a lot more achievable than aiming for 100 reps!

  1. Fill your days with colour

The outside world can seem a little grey and dull at this time of year; there is not much in bloom in gardens and the streets seem that little bit duller now that all the decorations and lights have been taken down. For an instant pick me up have a bouquet of beautiful blooms delivered right your door. Our flowers are guaranteed to last for at least seven days meaning you can look forward to the vibrant colours of the California collection or the elegance of the Parisian Hatbox collection for at a week if not longer. With next day delivery throughout Ireland and same day delivery available anywhere in Dublin City and in select Dublin counties you won’t need to wait to get a colour fix.

  1. Get a start on the Spring cleaning 

If you still have boxes of Christmas decorations lingering on tables and presents that have yet to find a home tucked away in corners now is the time to create a permanent spot for them. Take on small challenges like cleaning out one side of the hall cupboard or tackling one level of a bookshelf at a time. If you need a kick start have a watch of Marie Kondo on Netflix – just don’t hold us responsible if you get the decluttering bug!  In all seriousness though, tidying and cleaning has some serious endorphin boosting effects. So much so that a British Journal of Sports Medicine study found that just 20 minutes of cleaning and tidying significantly reduces stress.

Whatever you decide to do with the rest of winter, don’t let the winter blues get you down. The shops are starting to fill up with Easter eggs, a sure sign that Spring isn’t that far away!

In the meantime bundle up warm and decide how you are going to make this year the best one yet.