Bring On Spring

The official start of spring is only a few short weeks away, meaning it won’t be long until nature is in full bloom. If you feel winter has lasted long enough, take advantage of a few of our tips on how to bring on a sense of spring a little earlier. Banish those winter blues for good and get ready for the warm, sunny spring and summer months.

Spring Cleaning

Spruce up your home with a bit of spring cleaning. Over the winter months, our energy levels are generally lower and we might not feel up to deep cleaning the house after coming home from a long day at work. Take advantage of the additional sun hours and start getting rid of some of the clutter that might have accumulated over the holidays. You don’t immediately have to take on the entire house – allocate twenty minutes a night to do a small job and you will soon start to see the benefits. As the sun has begun to shine a little more, you might have noticed your windows are in need of a wash thanks to all the rainy days in autumn and winter. Although it is a small job, giving your windows a wash will allow all that sunlight to flood your rooms.

Potted & Fresh-Cut Spring Flowers

In every high street shop and supermarket, potted spring flowers are popping up. Nothing brings on the sense of spring quite like flowers. They will brighten up any room in your house, lifting up your spirit and mood. At this time of year, you will find beautifully potted hyacinths, daffodils, narcissi and more. Did you know you can also surprise someone dear to you with a luxury bouquet of fresh-cut spring flowers? Surprise your mum ahead of Mother’s Day or send the warmest birthday wishes with our Le Printemps bouquet – a hatbox absolutely bursting with a wide range of colourful tulips.

Clean Up Your Garden

Give your garden a little love after those harsh winter months. Clear up the borders and flowers beds, getting rid of any debris that might have fallen from your trees or that has been blown into your garden. While it is too late to plant any spring bulbs, you can still plant a variety of seeds and bulbs to bloom in summer. The varieties that are perfect for planting in February and March include vibrant ranunculus, sweet peas, poppies, galtonia and lilies – if you have cats or there are many neighbourhood cats, it is recommended to avoid lilies as some varieties are highly toxic for them. If you want to start a little herb patch as well as bring some colour to your garden, there are a variety of beautiful herbs that can be directly sown outdoors, including chives, coriander, fill and parsley.