Caring for Your Bloom Magic Hand-Tied Bouquet

Every flower bouquet from Bloom Magic comes thoughtfully hand-tied by one of our expert florists. This means that your bouquet will be easier to care for and will look beautiful longer, but it also means that you’ll need to tend to it differently than you would if you had received a standard stock flower arrangement. 

How to Prepare and Display Your Bouquet

1. Unpack your flowers as soon as possible after arrival, as they’ll be thirsty from the trip.

2. Remove any exterior packaging, but from the band in place so the bouquet retains its shape..

3. Fill your vase or container with water and add the flower food, according to instructions.

4. Cut approximately 2-3cm from the base of each stem at an angle.

5. Trim off any leaves that might otherwise become submerged in your vase.

6. Gently slide the bouquet into the vase.

7. Find a good location to display it. Ideally, you’ll want to place it somewhere where you’ll be able to enjoy it frequently, but take care to keep it away from extreme temperatures, indoor pollutants, pets, and children.

How to Care for Your Bouquet

1. Add fresh water to the vase as needed.

2. Prune the flowers regularly and remove leaves from the water.

3. Approximately every three days, or sooner if the water becomes cloudy, clean the vase, replace the water, trim the stems again, and give the flowers new food.

With proper care, your fresh hand-tied flower bouquet from Bloom Magic will look beautiful for a long time to come.