Cats Vs Flowers - You've cat to be kitten me!

We all love cats. We all love flowers. But when the two come together, not everything is as it seems, and the results are hilarious!

The internet loves this guy right now, but we're not sure he is loving flowers as much as we do.

He's really REALLY afraid of flowers. Well, not all cats are the same, and quite often they love to destroy our passion. It's like an unspoken war, that any bouquet of flowers left unsupervised is the prime target for a cat attack.

Follow us now, as we showcase some of the craziest Cat Vs. Flowers incidents you'll ever see!

The Battle: Cats Vs. Flowers

Cat: 10 – Flowers: 0

The hungry cat wins.

Just passing by? (licking one's lips!)

Cat: 1 - Flowers: 2

When your cat gives you the gift of the flower you just planted.

The best place to take a cat nap.

Cat: “You know it's your own fault, human. You give me, I eat.”

The tastiness!

Cat: “Mmmmmmm, Iris, I’m going to eat you all!”

It’s called Karma.

And finally, proof cats & flowers can actually get along in perfect harmony. Sometimes.

Stay tuned for our next episode: Lamas Vs. Flowers…