Fun Facts About People With July Birthdays

Are you or a loved one celebrating a birthday this July? Well, these summer children have some very interesting facts about them. From personality and nature to luck, love and prosperity, here are some of our favourite fun facts about people born in July.

July Babies Are Happy Babies

If that special someone in your life is always happy and bubbly, chances are they have a July birthday. Research has suggested that summer babies are normally more cheerful. This is said to be due to the stunning summer weather, as well as the tranquillity of wind and the energy of the world at that time of the year. As a result, people born in July are believed to be less likely to suffer from winter blues and SAD.

They Are Gems

If you or a special someone close to you were born in July, it might be worthwhile picking up a stunning ruby. This divine gem which ranges in the colours of pink to a deep blood red is the birthstone of the month of July and so it would make a perfectly thoughtful gift.

The healing qualities of ruby stones are incredible, and it has the power to shield against even the strongest of negative energies including panic and helps to strengthen joy, dominance, leadership, courage and selflessness.

The Perfect Floral Gift

For someone born in July, the perfect floral offering is a bouquet containing Delphinium, the flower generally associated with July. This stunning bloom is used in a selection of our hand-tied bouquets and truly adds a little bit of luxury and elegance to any bouquet. These blooms come in an array of shades and can be seen in tones of blue, white, pinks and purples and are sure to bring glee to that special someone and will be sure to convey your love.

Soon to Be a Famous Face?

July is a month with birthdays to a huge host of famous faces from all industries, from TV, film, music and art to performance, modelling and even government. There really is no shortage of famous faces born this month and you never know, you or that special someone could be the next famous face born in July.

Some famous names include Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Cruise, Ringo Starr, Kevin Bacon, Tom Hanks, Sofia Vergara, Harrison Ford, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez to name but a few – all celebrate their birthday during the month of July.

Written in the Stars

For the majority of July, the star sign is Cancer. This is symbolised by the crab which is known and famous for being impulsive, loving, sympathetic, loyal and courageous. If one of your loved ones were born in this month then they may display some or all these characteristics. Ruled by the moon, Cancers have the best luck on Monday and Thursdays and should use this power to their advantage.

Although some is superstition, one thing that we know for sure is that people born in July are incredible! If you enjoyed this, why not browse through some of our other blog posts?