Giving vs Receiving Flowers - Which do you prefer

The Happiness of Giving Flowers!

Ever been so elated with happiness from receiving a bunch of beautiful flowers that you want to give the entire world free hugs? Some of us really like to receive flowers, especially when it's unexpected. Some of us like to send flowers, and get a special buzz from it. Either way, often the reaction to receiving flowers can be a little unexpected. Let’s take a moment to have a look at amazing reactions of people receiving flowers.

He's so happy he almost ate the bouquet:

Is this your face when you receive flowers?

It smells of happiness:

You didn't need to buy the entire florist shop, but I love them:

Some people get as more of a buzz out of giving flowers.
Happy to make you happy...

Taking advantage of the situation a little:

So do you like flowers?

You'll never say no to this puppy...

The most beautiful proof of love is a happy sloth giving flowers. 

...just for the ladies:

Did you pick your side? 
Do you prefer to give or receive flowers?