Home Decoration Tips - What Flowers will look best in your Home

Home is where the hearth is” , “There’s no place like home”, “Your home is your castle”. There are many sayings that pay tribute to our home. It is where we seek solace from our hectic lifestyle. A place of refuge amidst the busy day to day. It is only natural then that we seek to surround ourselves with things of beauty that make us feel comfortable and at peace. That is why I always arrange a flower delivery to brighten up my home. 

What better way than to say it with flowers. They uplift our spirits and allow us to live healthy and happy lives. Flowers are great for decorating ones home. Flowers boost our energy and allow us to feel more relaxed, positive and give an uplift to our day. The vibrance of the colours and the fragrance reduce anxiety and lower stress. With all the different colours, styles, textures and shapes of flowers decorating your home can be a little overwhelming.

Luckily there are some easy ways to make the job of decorating your home with flowers easier and ultimately more enjoyable. The Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland suggest decorating your home can be divided into five separate categories. These different categories will help you to decide how to go about decorating your home with flowers based on the style of your house. 

There is the modern contemporary look. Modern contemporary homes have a clean, smooth and minimalist look with clean lines and smooth surfaces. Elegant fabrics, glass, leather, synthetic materials such as glass and steel lend themselves to this look. Flower decoration for this type of modern home might involve flowers such as heliconia, orchids, anthuriums or callas. These flowers would also be best suited to spacious homes. It’s best to place these flowers in metallic holders, pottery, frosted glass or porcelain for greater effect.
Next up is the traditional look or classic home. This style of home has formal or traditional architecture with many different rooms, large doors and foyers in its layout. The designs for this kind of house are mainly made up of classic elements such as traditional furniture or silk upholstered antiques, tapestry or brocade. The flowers that best suit this type of house are lilies, snapdragons, roses, gladioli or carnations. I would encourage a little foliage and dried fruit in crystal, with a hint of a green accent. Silver, porcelain and brass vases also go very well with this look. 

The Victorian style house is a romantic looking home. The flowers that go best here would be gardenias, freesias, peonies, lavender or spray roses in subtle shades of pastel such as lavender, peach or pale pinks. The type of furniture is easy and casual drawn from light natural woods with an accent of bleached oak or pine. I would suggest matching this look with green plants such as cyclamen, or ivy.

Lastly there is the American country style home. Houses like this have metal bowls and wooden crates. When decorating your house with flowers I would suggest swags and wreaths. Also lending to this look are the wild roses, heather, scabiosa and yarrow placed in hand-woven baskets along with herbs. Whatever you decide to do to decorate your home, flowers will always make it look welcoming and a place you can call home.