How to Choose the Right Flowers By Birth Month

Most people are well-aware that each month has a special birthstone, but did you know that each one has a unique flower as well? It’s true! Giving someone a bouquet with their birth month flower can make the gift unique and special, tailored specifically for the recipient. If you plan to send birthday flowers or are trying to come up with an original idea before you order flowers online, consider choosing the flower for the recipient’s birth month, as listed below.

January: Carnation

Carnations are a timeless favourite. They’re available throughout the year and come in almost every colour. Deep red and pink often symbolize love, white for purity, and purple may be ideal for the zany and unpredictable person in your life. No matter which colour you choose, the carnation’s beauty is sure to light up the room and its spicy scent will tantalize the senses.

February: Iris

Irises have a rich history and tend to refer to wisdom, faith, or hope. They are seen in images from Ancient Egypt, are responsible for the Fleur-de-lis, and were even once believed to help guide women to heaven after their passing. Nowadays, they’re known for their elegance and sweet scent. You’ll find them most often in purple or blue hues, but they’re also available in cream, yellow, and mauve. If irises aren’t suited to your recipient, a violate or primrose bouquet is an acceptable substitute for someone with a February birthday.

March: Daffodil

Joy and rebirth are associated with the lively daffodil. Its trumpet-shaped blossom is generally yellow, though you’ll find them in white or orange as well.  

April: Sweet Pea

There are hundreds of varieties of sweet peas, and they’re somewhat unique in the fact that they’re one of the few climbing plants that are given in bouquets. At one point, they were almost always purple, though many colours are available now. They have a lovely scent and generally are given as a “farewell” flower or as a thank-you. As an alternate, daisy bouquets are suitable for an April birthday, too.

May: Lily

Lilies have been given many meanings over the years. They tend to represent purity or chastity, though the pink stargazer is a symbol of prosperity. They are given as sympathy gifts, and are also ideal for a 30th wedding anniversary and for someone who was born in the month of May. For a second wedding anniversary, white lilies of the valley may also be given. As an alternative to the lily for a May birthday, the Hawthorn flower may be given.

June: Rose

Roses are ideal for those born in June. Though the flower is the classic icon of love and romance, the meaning of the rose varies based on its colour. Yellow may be ideal for a good friend, whereas red and pink may be ideal for a loved one, and white, as is the case most of the time, represents purity. If you’d like to give a less traditional gift to someone with a June birthday, consider honeysuckle.

July: Larkspur

The purple larkspur tends to represent laughter, an open heart, or attachment. Numerous blossoms sit atop one tall main stem, make the head of the plant take on a cone-shaped appearance when in bloom. Their wild appearance makes them ideal for a rustic or natural gift, and they’re often given in friendship or as housewarming gifts. The alternate July flower is the water lily, which is rarely used in bouquets.

August: Gladiolus

“Glads” are another favourite for many. They tend to represent sincerity, faithfulness, or integrity. Many rich colours are available, from red to purple, pink and yellow. There are even some pastels, such as blue. Poppies are an alternate flower for the birth month of August.

September: Aster

Asters tend to look like daisies and come in red, pink, white, and lilac, to name a few. Oftentimes, the large-headed flower represents wisdom, faith, love, or elegance. For those born in September, morning glories are an alternate.

October: Marigold

Marigolds generally come in traditional colours of the autumn season; gold, yellow, and orange. Their large heads are covered in many petals, creating a look that is instantly recognizable to most. Though they’re often given in sympathy or remembrance, they also are ideal to show affection or let someone know “I’m thinking of you.” The dainty cosmos is an alternate for someone with an October birthday.

November: Chrysanthemum

“Mums” are the flower of perpetual cheer. They’re ideal for friends or anyone who needs a dose of encouragement. The chrysanthemum blossoms are massive, and come in lots of colours, from shades of red to oranges and yellows.

December: Poinsettia

Naturally, the flowers of the holidays are those associated with December birthdays, too. Traditionally, the vibrant red poinsettia is considered the proper flower, but some also consider holly to be appropriate as well. Occasionally, daffodil, the March birth flower, is considered a stand-in for December babies in addition to the holiday favourites.

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