How to Take Flower Photos That’ll Make Everyone Jealous

Here at Bloom Magic, we’re lucky enough to be able to have professional photographers to help us capture the beauty of our hand-tied bouquets. We like to think that this, in addition to all the little things we do, like using only fresh-cut high-quality blooms, makes for a better presentation and ensures you’ll be happy with bouquet that arrives. However, in this day and age, you’ll want to show off pics of the gorgeous bouquet you’re giving or receiving too, and you’re probably grabbing those snapshots yourself on your phone. Whilst the debate lingers amongst professional photographers as to whether you really can capture professional-quality photos on your iPhone’s camera, there’s no doubt you can up your game, so the photos you do take are share-worthy. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Go with Natural Lighting

Natural lighting catches the colours better, especially if you can use indirect sunlight. Professional photographers swear by the magic hours of dawn and dusk because the sun isn’t harsh during these times. The light tends to feather out and create a softer look, without awkward shadows. Of course, you’re probably not going to wait for sunrise or sunset to grab your photo, so find some good natural light in the shade or wait for the sun to disappear behind a cloud just before you shoot.

2. Consider Composition

Most cameras (even on cell phones) have an option to overlay the image with a grid system. This is actually designed to help you balance your photo better, according to the rule of thirds. There are many ways to use the rule of thirds, but try one or more of these types of shots, just to see what you like best:

  • Leave the entire left or entire right third empty (your flowers will fill the other two-thirds)
  • Place the top of the vase at the bottom third line and let the flowers overfill the rest of the frame
  • Take a snapshot of a single bloom and have it perfectly centred or on the intersecting corners of the grid

3. Find a Solid Background

Whilst some texture is ok and can even enhance a photo, less is generally more. When you’re just starting out with flower photography, try to take your shots with a solid background. If this isn’t possible, try to minimize distractions that might appear in the frame.

4. Experiment with the Angle

People just starting out have the tendency to shoot photos from their natural vantage point. That’s ok, but it doesn’t always provide the best view. With a hand-tied bouquet, you may want to take a direct straightforward shot that captures the artistry of stems or a downward shot, directly over the centre of the blooms. You can also experiment with upward angles that catch more sky in the photo if you’ll be shooting outside. The only caveat with angles is to be wary of distortion. Examine the photo a bit before you shoot to make sure you’re not unintentionally exaggerating any of the flower’s features.

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