What flower types are seasonal at Christmas?

You may spend a lot of time decorating the tree or getting the wreath ready to hang on the front door, but do you ever think about what flowers you should get for Christmas? Whether you’re looking to decorate the table with a tasteful arrangement for dinner, or just want to add a pop of colour around the house, the right flowers for this time of year are just lovely to have.

Previously on the blog we showcased what we think are the best Christmas flowers for 2018 (which you can read here).

We got some lovely responses back from the post, but some readers wanted to know which specific types of flowers would be deemed as seasonal around the Christmas period, as most of us will be hard pressed to think of something other than mistletoe or holly.

To help anyone out there who doesn’t know what goes best, these are some of the ideal flower types to have in your home around Christmas if you want to really get in the festive mood.


A stubborn flower in the best possible notion of the term, Paperwhites are lovely white flowers that have a strong tone if you get them under the right circumstances.

They’re commonly planted around mid-October time as they have a quick growth and are ready in just about six weeks, even out in the cold.

For anyone growing them at home, if you want them to really pop, just before they’re ready to bloom you should bring them inside to a warm room. They work very well for anyone who wants a pop of green from long stems and usually has a vase on a windowsill or narrower shelf, or a room that is quite bright to begin with.

Red Carnations


Forget about bright red Christmas bows when you could have a lovely arrangement adorned with some choice red carnations. The perfect colour for this time of year, these types of carnations wouldn’t be out of place on a dinner table if you plan on using red napkins and Christmas crackers.

If you want a centrepiece style arrangement with red carnations, take a look at our Rudolph bouquet for an idea of how fantastic these flowers would look in the home. It’s a lovely accompanying bouquet for decorations in the hallway or living room too.

Kew Green

Sometimes mistaken for mistletoe right before it blooms, Kew Green (or to give its formal name, skimmia confusa) is an evergreen that usually fills in the gaps on some bouquets that are looking light in places.

It makes for lovely accompanying flowers for the likes on the aforementioned Paperwhites and works best in a clear vase or matched with other light greens.

Eryngium Thistles

What would a festive floral arrangement be without a thistle? While some can be harsh, eryngium thistles can add a subtle metallic tone and balance out other strong colours.

You can see yourself how well it fits in our Prancer bouquet when paired with lilies and chrysanthemums.



For anyone planning a winter wedding, especially if it’s around Christmas, roses are a must. The deeper reds you’ll get this time of year lend themselves perfectly against white and lighter bridesmaids dresses. If you’re considering red roses in your wedding bouquet, holly and pine work surprisingly well.

You can even see how well roses fit around the table with something like our Le Pére Noel arrangement, especially if you want a truly unique arrangement.

Getting your Christmas flowers

If you still don’t have your Christmas flowers sorted out, take a look at our great range right here on site. With many locations around the country delivering up to (and including) Christmas Eve, you can get a bouquet in time for Christmas.