What’s Trending Now: The Hottest Colours of the Season

One of the best things about choosing flowers online from Bloom Magic is that, while our blooms are always fresh, the concepts our florists piece together are always fresh, too. They draw inspiration from many sources, including interior design and fashion trends, so you can be on the cutting edge with any flowers you select. This season, the fashion industry is big on a few muted and earthy tones, as well as vibrant, energising colours. Check out some of the hottest colours of the season below and see how we’ve incorporated them into our bouquets.

1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz can be summed up as a pale or light pink. It’s a colour of romance and passion, but it can also be shade a of innocence or playfulness, depending on the design and what it’s paired up with. While you can absolutely find roses in the shade, you’ll also find it in all sorts of blooms. It can be seen here, in our Pure Peonies bouquet from our Classic Collection.

2. Fiesta

The colour “fiesta”  is a vibrant and rich shade of red. It’s reminiscent of terracotta, with warm undertones. It’s the ideal colour to send someone when you want something unique and energetically-charged. Though there are very few flowers that come in fiesta, we’ve carefully woven it into our fun, and slightly quirky Tropical Paradise bouquet, which is also part of our present Classic Collection.

3. Serenity and Limpet Shell

The shades of serenity and limpet shell beautifully complement one another. Serenity is a calming, subdued lavender colour, while limpet shell can be described as a  cool and muted teal, with an oceanic feeling. The shades work harmoniously, drawing spirits, and smiles, upwards. True blues and teals are difficult to come by in the floral world, but certain succulents hold it naturally. We’ve incorporated them alongside orchids in our curious and unique Desert Valley Trail flower bouquet, which is part of our Californian Collection.

4. Buttercup

The colour “buttercup” probably needs no explanation. It’s the warm and cheery yellow that can brighten anybody’s day without being overpowering. It’s a great colour to give as a bouquet of thank-you or get well soon flowers. It’s also ideal to send someone when you just want to let them know you’re thinking of them. You’ll see buttercup in countless blooms, from roses, to sunflowers, and daisies. We’ve included a few of these in our lively Santa Monica Amusements flower bouquet, also from our Californian Collection.

Mother Nature likes variety, and so the shades you see in your bouquets might not be an exact match for the trending colours of the season, but they’ll be very close and beautiful nonetheless. You’ll see the shades mentioned above, as well as “peach echo,” “iced coffee,” and “flash green,” in the freshest blooms with the hottest colours throughout the pages of Bloom Magic. Start your search by browsing each collection, exploring the flowers on sale, or seeing what’s available by location now.