DIY Centrepieces For Halloween & Christmas

Can you believe that we are already more than three quarters of the way through 2017?! With so many celebrations coming up it always pays to plan ahead. If you are hosting any dinners or events don’t forget about the decor! Read on for some of our favourite ways to add that special touch that will really pull it all together.

Halloween, October 31st

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is packed with spooktacular fun and if you are planning a Monster bash (or should that be mash?) make an all hallows eve themed centrepiece to help your guests get into the spirit of things.

For this project that mixes whimsy with the macabre you will need:

•    A black vase or jug

•    Bewitching blooms –  we suggest blood red roses for the best effect

•    Eyeballs! Use permanent markers to draw eyes onto ping pong balls or buy some fake eyeballs on Amazon or in high street shops

•    Toothpicks

First, make sure you have enough eyeballs, you will need one for each rose! Arrange the roses in the black vase. Skewer an eyeball onto a toothpick, use a sharp knife to make a small hole in the ping pong ball first if the toothpick isn’t strong enough. Gently insert the sharp end of the toothpick into the centre of each rose, arrange the petals around the eyeball if necessary. Go ahead and give your guests a scare!

Alternatively, order our Romance Sur La Sein bouquet, part of the Parisian Collection. The combination of the deep red roses and the black as night hat box will perfectly compliment your Halloween theme. We love the way our hatboxes look when filled with freshly cut and hand tied flowers, let it inspire you to get creative with how you display your flowers; hollow out a small pumpkin and fill it with flowers to make a beautiful centrepiece that does double duty as a Halloween or harvest inspired centrepiece.

Christmas, December 25th

Snowman Christmas Lights

If you are hosting a Christmas day celebration it can easily become overwhelming. Turkeys to baste, toys that say ‘some assembly required’ when what they actually mean is ‘engineering degree required’ and oh dear… it looks like Great Aunt Maeve has found the sherry. With so much going on you don’t need another project. Take one more thing off your to do list by ordering festive blooms from Bloom Magic for your home or relatives. Because all of our bouquets are hand-picked to order with the highest quality flowers we guarantee that they will stay fresh for up to 7 days after delivery. Christmas day falls on a Monday this year so place your Christmas flowers order to arrive on the Wednesday or Thursday prior and have a stunning arrangement to enjoy during preparations that can then seamlessly transition to becoming your centre piece. 

Place the flowers inside a festive gift box to make the dining table pop, our Snowy Whitesbouquet would look especially good in a red box with gold ribbon. Struggling to find the right gift? Don’t forget to search our Gift Set Collection, once you’ve found the perfect combination you can have it delivered right to the recipient with a special message from you!