Prepare Your Home for Christmas with Flowers

With only a few weeks till Christmas, it is time to think about how to spruce up your home to get yourself and your family in the Christmas spirit. To help and inspire you we will list some of the best flowers to use this Christmas. From the traditional pinecones and red poinsettia to white lilies and roses, we will talk you through it all for the ultimate Christmas preparations.

Best Flowers for Christmas

  • Carnations
  • Poinsettia
  • Mistletoe
  • Lilies
  • Roses
  • Calla lily
  • Orchids

Fresh Flowers & Bouquets

Add a little sparkle to your own home, or someone else’s, with a beautiful handcrafted bouquet of fresh flowers. Red and orange flowers are combined to create warm seasonal flower arrangements, and white flowers are combined with greenery to create elegant, snowy bouquets. Not only are these types of bouquets ideal to create a Christmas atmosphere in your own home, they also make perfect presents for family and friends. Just like many other florists, Bloom Magic swap their standard inventory to a Christmas themed inventory. You will be able to order from our exclusive Bloom Magic Christmas Flowers Collection which features seasonal bouquets with names like Rudolph or Comet. You can order our Christmas flowers throughout December and they come in a range of festive colours. Our Christmas flowers are available for delivery throughout Ireland.

Potted Plants for Christmas

Red poinsettia plants are popping up all over supermarkets and flower stalls – take advantage of this and bring one, or more, home. Display your poinsettia in a beautiful red or white flower pot for a traditional Christmas feel. Alternatively, you can also decorate an existing potted plant by wrapping a ribbon in a colour that matches your Christmas tree or tie your ribbon into a beautiful bow. If you’re feeling extra crafty and don’t mind giving an old pot a bit of a makeover, buy some spray paint in silver or gold and breathe new life into an old plant pot.

Christmas Wreaths

Bloom Magic's Christmas Wreath

Nothing screams Christmas like a beautifully festive wreath. In this age of Pinterest, there are many ideas floating about on how you can craft your own non-traditional Christmas wreath. For example, how does a bauble wreath sound? Or craft one with only tinsel. However, nothing really beats a traditional Christmas wreath featuring dried fruits, cinnamon bark, pinecones and sprigs of fir. These types of wreaths will not only look amazing, they will also smell great too. At Bloom Magic, we have also created a festive wreath. As well as seasonal foliage, ours will also feature a selection of Christmas sundries, such as miniature baubles, plus a bow and will come in three different sizes – ideal if you don’t have space for a big one. Click here for more information, including delivery, on our Christmas Wreath.