Flowers & More: The Gentleman’s Guide to First Dates

Swiping left and right on various electronic devices has nearly eliminated the traditional ways of romantic dating. But, no matter how two people find themselves in the world of dating, the first date can often induce more panic than excitement. For men and women alike, there are many perceived standards for first dates, which can be both overwhelming and confusing. However, there are several key points, from flowers to location, that are sure to help in any situation. For the men wondering how to proceed, read on for the gentleman’s guide to first dates.

Find the Perfect First Date Spot

One of the easiest ways to ensure a successful and pleasant first date is to choose a good location. Finding the perfect first date spot means selecting a place that’s comfortable and allows for both conversation and entertainment. It’s a good idea to come up with a couple options and then check with the other person to decide together. Great options include cafes or coffee shops with live entertainment (music, poetry, talent, comedy, etc.), plays or musicals, art galleries, or even the traditional dinner and a movie. Each of these options allows for conversation but still provides some entertainment for each of you during any uncomfortable silences. If you run out of things to say, simply comment on your surroundings. Remember that you will be spending most, if not all, of your evening at this location. Make it a good one.

Make a Good First Impression

After you’ve decided on the perfect location for your date, keep in mind that first impressions are lasting impressions. There are several things to remember when getting ready to meet your date.

Be Early: Whether you are meeting your date at the location or driving the both of you there, make sure to be prompt. It is always better to be too early than just a minute late. Being early shows your date that you have prioritized this time with them. And who doesn’t love feeling like a priority?

Dress to Impress: Just like it’s better to be too early than late, it’s almost always better to be overdressed than underdressed. However, when picking out an outfit, keep in mind the atmosphere of your evening ahead. A business suit would not make much sense for a night of mini golf, for instance. But even if it’s casual, err on the dressier side. If your instinct is to go for jeans and a T-shirt, try jeans and a button down with loafers instead of running shoes.

Come Bearing Gifts: A token of appreciation goes a long way. Showing up to a first date with a gift in hand is not only sweet and generous, but it shows your romantic side. Flowers are always a great choice for showing that you care. Lilies are beautiful yet understated, perfect for a casual outing or lunch date. Red roses are a great option no matter what; roses are a classic symbol of romance and you can customize them to your date by opting for pink or white petals. The more thought you put into your gesture, the more it will be appreciated!

Follow Up Gracefully

The end of the date is just as important as the beginning. When the date is over and you are about to part ways, be sure to thank the person you spent your time with. This is important whether or not you had chemistry. Saying a sincere thanks shows good character and even better manners. If you had a wonderful time and would like to see them again, consider sending a thank you to your date in the days following. If you happen to know their place of employment, imagine the delight your date will feel when surprised with a beautiful bouquet at work. Add a personal touch by remembering a detail from the first date. Did you learn her favorite color? Send a bouquet in that color scheme. Did they mention an upcoming stressor at work or in their personal life? Send a thoughtful gift to show your support.

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If you’re preparing for a first date and feeling nervous, remember these crucial points. A gentleman finds the perfect date spot, makes a good first impression, and follows up with sincerity and grace after the date. If you get this down pat, the rest should come easy to you. For more inspiration for flowers or gifts, explore our wide selection of romantic flowers. Happy dating!