The Strangest & Funniest Plant Names

The Plant Is Called What? 

The wild, weird and wonderful world of plants has inspired plant names that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Could it be that some botanical names are a joke being played on the rest of us? Here we explore a selection of the weirdly named flowers, and discuss how and why they have received such names. 

The Shy Plant

When it comes to ridiculous names for a plant, the Shy Plant is surely up there with the best of them. Strange as it may seem, this plant's name is very apt. The species is indigenous to South America. When it is touched, the leaves will fold inward and droop. It is as if the plant suffers from stage fright and does not like being the centre of attention. Give it a few moments of peace and it will unfold once more. One could tease these all day!

Hooker Lips

Indigenous to Costa Rica, Columbia and Panama, the Hooker Lips look exactly like pouty lips painted with a garish red lipstick. Loss of natural habitat and popularity among collectors has resulted in this plant now being on an endangered species list. So while you might have a chuckle at the aptness of this plant’s name, spare a thought for its survival and wish it luck!

Naked Man Orchid

Orchids have some of the most curious flowers of all, and the Naked Man Orchid is actually very pretty. A closer look at the blooms makes the origin of its name relatively clear, but don’t worry – it takes a fair amount of imagination to make the connection, so you won’t get arrested for having one in your greenhouse.

The Corpse Flower

The corpse flower is looks like a typical Arum Lily that stands taller than a man. It has a deep purple crossed with burgundy. Add to it the almighty smell of rotting meat, and you have Indonesia's Corpse Flower.

This unusual plant is pollinated by insects which feed off carrion. It may sound like something out of a B Grade zombie movie, but it exists. It is a remarkable sight, and if you can tolerate the smell, you may find yourself joining the crowds that flock to see them whenever they flower at botanical gardens around the world.

Snot Lily

This South African plant is another flower that despite the name is very beautiful. You may be tempted to pick some of these tall flowers for a vase, but it is at this point that the Snot Lily lives up to its name as copious amounts of sap leak from the cut stems. You are much better off with St Joseph Lilies or the locally grown lilies you will find in our products online. 

What’s in a name?

At Bloom Magic we’re obsessed with flowers of all descriptions, and as it turns out even the oddly named ones get a mention. We are inspired by handcrafted, beautiful flower arrangements, and courtesy of our local florists, a truly unique bouquet is just an online order away.