3 Celebrity Wedding Flower Designs Worthy of Stealing

Almost every little girl dreams of having a magical wedding, complete with a flowing white dress, a luxurious cake, and of course, gorgeous wedding flowers. Some celebrities, with their larger-than-life nuptials, have really raised the bar on fairy tale weddings and their choices in wedding flowers… well, there are no words to describe their beauty. Take a look at three of our favourites throughout history.

1. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are arguably one of the cutest couples to have ever graced the red carpet. They don’t often showcase their private lives since getting together in 2011, but the little glimpses we get to see are adorable. Their latest “spat” made headline news because Ryan accidentally let the gender of their second child slip publicly. Not to worry; Ryan made it up to Blake by stopping by her favourite bakery for cookies, which Blake then posted to Instagram with the caption #IfYoureABirdImABird. Their wedding was every bit as sweet as their relationship. Blake opted for pale pinks; pink jasmine, andromeda, blushing bride hydrangea, and dusty miller, with some petals dressed in rose-gold glitter to match the accents on her gown.

Bloom Magic Wedding

2. Kate Middleton and Prince William

The wedding that will easily be talked about and fawned upon for the next 100 years or so belongs to that of the Duchess and Prince. Their ceremony was undeniably regal, plucked from the pages of a storybook. Rumours about the couple constantly stream through the media and it’s now believed that they are indeed expecting their third child. Perhaps the secret to their success is the myrtle that was carefully tucked away in her bouquet, as it represents hope and love. Hornbeams, which signify resilience, as well as field maples for humility and reserve were also interspersed, but the main bloom was lily of the valley, for trustworthiness. The Duchess’ wedding flowers were not only elegantly understated, but were thoughtfully plucked locally using only spring flowers.

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3. Lady Mary Charteris and Robie Furze

When socialite and model Lady Mary Charteris wed rocker Robie Furze, most people expected the day to be far from conventional. Indeed, people still remark today about how guests partied so hard that the bride and groom lost their bed to attendees who couldn’t go home that night and Lady Mary continues to make lists for having one of the ugliest wedding dresses of all time. Even still, her bouquet of wild blooms looked absolutely stunning, pieced together with shades of lavender and white. If her florist had chosen her dress, she might have made the best-dressed list, but at the very least, she can claim that she has a style all her own and that her special day held true to it.

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There are so many styles of wedding flowers to choose from and it’s wonderful that each of these brides selected something that was befitting of her personality and style. From graceful, to elegant, and even unbridled, these three bouquets offer a world of inspiration and memories we won’t soon forget.


Aside from the bridal party bouquets and church and venue flowers it’s important to also consider thank you bouquets for other important guests such as mothers of the bride and groom and grandparents for example.


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