Seasonal flowers and filler stems in October: ideas for this fall

Even though warm days are disappearing from our sight, but it is not all bloom-and-gloom. There is still a good assortment of flowers this fall that we can choose from that will keep our hearts warm regardless of the weather outside.

The selection of flowers will most often depend on your local florist prefers, but most of them will be working with asters, carnations, roses, freesias, Sunflowers, Dahlias, Marigolds, Zinnias, Chrysanthemum, Yarrows, Gerberas and Lilies.

There is an abundance of bouquets that can be arranged together using these beauties, but having warm colours mixed with lighter shades produce a warm contrast that can be used universally from birthdays to brightening up offices, or even given to your loved ones.

October wedding flower set-up that will keep the bride excited

Autumn is a fantastic time to celebrate weddings outdoors with all those natural colours that countryside landscapes have to offer. Picking the exact location for your wedding should not be a difficult decision here, as a ceremony under an oak tree with yarrows, orange gerberas and Zinnias is all you might need.

Alternatively, roses, Asiac Lilies and Sunflowers will nicely match the wind scattered crispy leaves in the background. And finally a combination that is perfect all year round: mixing bright coloured roses with blue Delphinium flowers. These bouquets will nicely match tints and tones that nature has to offer during October and November.

Don’t forget those autumn sunsets at your wedding

If opportunity allows, make sure you have a photographer at hand at 6 or 7pm when the sun saturates all of the nature’s colours. This magical time of the day will give you those cinematic looking shots that will always invoke memories of that special day.

What about the filler stems?

Most of our recommended filler stems are available all year round, but the ones that will nicely match with our aforementioned bouquets are Limonium, Gypsophila, Solidago and Queen Anne’s Lace. Don’t be afraid to use the elements that nature has to offer during the fall that will further spice things up: get some bird feathers, herbs and berries, which will produce a desirable color scheme for those rustic themed autumn weddings.